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Villa 47: Locanda


Often mistaken for Villa 47 on Bree, Locanda is just one of three eateries to open at this location in the coming months.

I decided to pay this new “it” dining space headed by Italian Chef, Vittorio whilst hiding away at the Cape Milner on Monday. The restaurant situated with small on street offering and about 20 seated tables. Inside is very crisp, clean yet has a family feeling that I imagine filled with noisy Italians passing plates of capresse salad or sweet spanspek melon adorned with freshly sliced parma from one of the hams hanging nearby. I arrived at brunch hour, by choice, as I had heard its practically impossible to have a quick croissant as this was thee busy business breakfast hang out of late.

After sitting down and being greeted by friendly staff and owners alike, almost as a pseudo hipster I asked the age old question “do you have free Wi-Fi” this question is probably the bane of my existence so I must have been pulling some strange face whilst questioning the sweet waitress-my data had just run out from recent photo & social media postings.

Beet Juice and tall glass of water on it’s way i noted the Rialto signage just below the menu-a well known Italian supplier to the hospitality trade in Cape town. This made the mass of hanging charcuterie and heads of parmigiano in a cool room adjacent to my table, make a little more sense. Whilst they do not retail on behalf of Rialto foods. They are stocked, supplied and ambassadors for the delicatessen brand and produce.

IMG_6001 IMG_6002 IMG_6008

I ordered the Uova alla Benedict I simply couldn’t pretend it didn’t sound amazing; Smoked salmon or Italian Pancetta, baby spinach and Hollandaise sauce served on rye-for anyone else (simply, eggs benedict with salmon)

The dish arrived swiftly and looked beautiful, the waitress so attentively placing the salt and pepper nearby “here’s your salt and pepper, may I get you anything else” whilst a kind gesture, I am not one to season food that’s the chef’s job and I lovingly trust that they do their jobs well enough to season correctly. The Benedict was bold in flavour and as always-oh so rich with hollandiase. They top this emulsion with a touch of smoked paprika which is great with the smoked salmon however I can imagine it making the dish a little too rich for some.


They were adjusting the lunch specials board and the new listings looked too be great hits, not that i had space for anymore food. However, good enough to encourage me to come back, soon!

The food was delicious and the venue made for some beautiful images. See more of our visit on my instagram page here: IG: Hospitaity|Hedonist 

Locanda | Villa 47 | 47 BREE STREET, CAPE TOWN +27 21 418 2740 RESERVATIONS@VILLA47.CO.ZA

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