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Working With & Understanding Influencer Marketing

Working With & Understanding Influencer Marketing HOSPITALITY HEDONIST -SOUTH AFRICAN TRAVEL | FASHION | LIFESTYLE 2
There’s a lot of talk these days about Micro and Macro influencers and why brands should Collaborate with them (us)

Simply put, social media types that have either a large reach(above 20-30k followers) and a smaller, proposed, more engaged influence/audiece of under 30 000 followers offer better ROI for brands and the PR companies that manage these campaigns.

Below are a few excerpts and articles that delve into the world of Native and Influencer Marketing and of course why you should contact us at HospitalityHeonist to collaborate on your next campaign.

In this brave new influencer world, micro always beats macro

Since the Instagram algorithm change, some of the old school influencers have really started to feel the pinch.

Where before they could get away with posting any old piece of junk to their 150-200k followers, with 90% of them seeing the content, now they would be lucky to reach 10-15k.

The fact is; a campaign with 5 smaller influencers with followings of 20k each will absolutely smash a campaign using 1 influencer with 100k followers, so, if you’re still using large scale influencers without truly thinking about what effect they’re having on your brand or product, you should probably take a long hard look at your social media strategy (and maybe the agency that told you to use them).

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“It’s not always about how many brands you work with,” said Brennan. “It’s more important how you work with them. You need to go above and beyond while being flexible and professional. Brands remember who’s good to work with.”

According to the agency, 60 percent higher campaign engagement rates are driven by micro-influencers; those campaigns are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than influencers with larger followings, which makes them more cost effective; and micro-influencers drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer.

OP || Micro-Influencers Are More Effective With Marketing Campaigns Than Highly Popular Accounts